Chatterboxes  = kletskousen


Many teachers are insecure to start with English at school. It is precisely this uncertainty that we do not want the children to copy. If you speak a different language, you are allowed to make mistakes. It is about getting your message across and therefore being able to focus on what is essential; the contact, the game, or the assignment.

 A study trip abroad is an excellent opportunity to give your confidence a boost. This total immersion in English is a perfect way to achieve a cross-curricular approach in your lessons

Chatter-trips offers teachers the opportunity to combine trips outside. Exploring the area while focusing on cross-curricular themes and learning to teach in English.

With our shared knowledge of the Dutch and English education system, the didactics are adapted to the needs of the teachers.


Explore language development through outdoor learning 

Dream about your teaching utopia  

Discover sustainable teaching in South-West England


Clair and Darren have both studied at Plymouth University following a Masters in Education route with a focus on sustainability. They have put  Chatter-trips together for you based on their research and experiences during their study. 


Together with Plymouth University visiting teachers will be working with students on cross-curricular lesson planning combining STEM, citizenship, history, geography and second language acquisition. The teachers will be able to visit primary schools in the local area, take part in environmental education walks and explore the local area while combining outdoor learning activities and CLIL.


This three-day visit can be tailored entirely to your needs. For more information, please email us: Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.