During the workshops, the following questions will be addressed:

How do children acquire a second language during primary school?

What are age-related differences in second language acquisition?

How do you offer a systematic approach to vocabulary development?

How do you ensure that all pupils feel comfortable and confident in a foreign language environment?

What is TPR (total physical response) and why is it so important when learning a foreign language?

How do you use multiple intelligence in VVTO English setting?

What is CLIL (content and language integrated learning)?

How can you assess and evaluate the language development of your students?

How can you differentiate while teaching a second language?

How do you set up international projects?

What are suitable activating and enthusiastic teaching methods for children learning a second language?




Educational form

The in-service training is provided in English and is based on the concept of 'Total Emersion'. The plenary meetings alternate with acquiring knowledge, consulting and practising.

Each plenary meeting lasts 2 hours. The teacher has the opportunity to practice the offered material during the training. 

Attention is provided to the language of instruction and classroom English. 


The language level of the teacher is not essential to follow the training. In this way, differentiation emerges spontaneously.